Get an Estate Look with Asphalt Slate Shingles from Sherriff-Goslin Roofing in Ann Arbor

Slate was a popular shingle material throughout the 1800s. Its natural beauty, distinct individual markings, and texture made it a popular choice during this time. Plus, they were an upgrade from the fire hazard wood shingles that were used previously. However, they were heavy, and their weight could cause damage to the roof. They were also difficult to install and expensive to install and maintain. All these issues lead to the downfall of natural slate shingles — until the discovery of asphalt slate shingles came along just a few decades later.

Asphalt slate shingles featured all of the benefits of natural slate shingles, without the downside. With the help of today’s technology, Scotchgard™ Protector can prevent the growth and spreading of algae spores to preserve the shingles’ beauty. The distinct shadow lines help your asphalt slate shingles to stand out, giving it the elegant estate look to make your home the envy of the neighborhood.

Strength and Reliability of Asphalt Slate Shingles

To ensure the beautiful looks you get on day one are not quickly weathered away, you need the strength and reliability of a dependable asphalt slate shingle built with SBS Technology. This makes the shingle both strong and flexible, allowing it to withstand hail, wind-blown rain, and debris. Its durability is backed by a long warranty for added peace of mind.

Enhanced Aesthetic Appeal

Get the beautiful estate look, without the big estate price. Asphalt slate shingles will enhance the look of architectural shingles, give you protection from algae, and maintain the aesthetic appeal — all the while protecting your family from the elements. So, if you are preparing for a new or re-roofing project, make sure you ask your roofer about layering your home with the designer asphalt slate shingles to ensure your home stands out among the rest.

If you’re interested in an estate look for home, do not hesitate to contact Sheriff-Goslin Roofing in Ann Arbor today!