Algae Cleaning Versus Algae Resistant Shingles from Your Ann Arbor Roofing Company

Left to their own devices, little black algae spores blow from roof to roof creating ugly black streaks. The wake of destroyed curb appeal is enough to leave any homeowner trembling, but instead of being another victim of this annual algae attack, you can defend your home one of two ways: hire an algae shingle cleaning service team or install algae resistant shingles from your Ann Arbor roofing company – Sherriff-Goslin. Sherriff-Goslin sets itself apart by using 3M Scotchgard® granules that contain almost twice as many copper ion granules than other company’s shingles that are designated as algae resistant.

Algae Cleaning for Shingle Roofs

Algae shingle cleaning is a sit and wait approach. Even if you see your neighbors’ homes are under algae attack, it is not a guarantee that your home will be a victim. However, if the odds don’t go in your favor, and the streaks begin to form on your roof, you will need to call in a professional to wash your roof.

Many pressure washing companies offer low pressure roof cleaning services. They spray on a chemical that will help kill the algae. After the treatment your roof should be back to looking good as new. It solves the problem for now, but it may return again as it is not a permanent solution.

Algae Resistant Shingles

The alternative to annual roof cleaning, which averages around $325 per visit, is arming your roof with algae resistant shingles. This proactive approach can prevent ugly black streaks from forming on your roof in the first place. By installing shingles with evenly infused copper granules throughout your entire roof, it can be protected year-round without any annual upkeep or fear of any damages that may occur as a result of hiring a pressure washer.

For added curb appeal, algae resistant shingles are now offered in various styles (from asphalt slate to shake) and colors. This means there are no restrictions as it relates to available options. And best yet, the copper ions are slowly released over time, so your home is protected for years to come. Add in the typical lifetime warranty and low maintenance, and you are sure to enjoy this year-round peace of mind option.

At the end of the day, why worry about algae streaks and the problems that can occur as a result of their presence when you can easily prevent it all? Algae resistant shingles are affordable and give you a solution throughout the lifespan of the shingles. There is no mess to clean. You don’t have to worry about any pressure washer washing away any of your shingles’ granules. Contact Sherriff-Goslin in Ann Arbor today to learn more!